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A new way to view air dispersion modeling software...

We have been providing quality air dispersion modeling software, training, and expert support for over 20 years.  Throughout that time, our ability to listen to our customers needs has made our software the most user-friendly product in the industry.

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BEEST 11.05 is available

Version 11.05 of the BEEST Suite air dispersion modeling software is now available to all registered users with current maintenance. This release includes the following enhancements:

  • Added MaxDCont Viewer (new main toolbar button), which allows source contributions in MADCONT output files to be viewed graphically
  • AerScreen for Windows (new main toolbar button) can now be called directly from BEEST
  • Added the ability to turn downwash on or off for specific sources
  • BEEST allows the user to select input units when calculating input parameters for flares
  • BEEST allows the user to select and deselect all .DTA files when multiple .MAX files are processed at the same time to calculate exceedances
  • AerMet now has a button that allows the user to delete the first day of the next year after Stage 3 processing
  • AerMet can now automatically set AerSurface coordinates in the "AS 1" and "AS 2" tabs
  • AerMet reads station locations from surface and upper air input files
  • USF Viewer can send .SUM file data directly to a printer
  • The folder and file selection controls in USF Viewer and ARY Viewer are resized when the window is resized
  • Fixed the following bugs:
    • BEEST no longer displays an error message when copying a very large number of sources from Source Grid View to the clipboard
    • BEEST writes .DTA files correctly when the user selects the option to include background concentrations in source groups but doesn't enter background concentration values
    • BEEST writes background concentration values correctly to .DTA files when the user selects the SHRDOW, SHRDOW7, MHRDOW, or MHRDOW7 option for temporally varying background concentration values
    • AerMet sets the state correctly when the user selects an AerSurface site in Texas or California
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